Providing Capital for Texas Businesses

Clearspring Capital Group is a specialty investment firm that provides debt funding to Texas-based buinesses.. This includes funding companies that may not have access to traditional bank lines (or in sufficient size) due to a lack of significant balance sheet assets, but instead, have demonstrated cashflow. Clearspring provides debt financing as an alternative to dilutive equity capital raises. We help businesses get growth capital through debt postions with tag along minority warrant positions.

Clearspring is looking for management teams that

  • Seek to avoid dilution often presented by control-oriented Private Equity investors;
  • Cannot otherwise obtain bank debt due to underwriting restrictions or size of capital required;
  • Have a proven business model with sufficient cash flow to service debt.

Clearspring's senior management team has over five decades of combined experience investing in, managing, operating, and providing investment banking and advisory services to businesses in Texas and throughout the U.S.

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